Welcome to EnviroDevelopment Living.


EnviroDevelopment is an independent assessment that certifies property developments with outstanding sustainability performance. 

People that choose an EnviroDevelopment can expect to live in a home that has been designed and delivered sensitive to the natural environment.

By choosing an EnviroDevelopment, you can expect benefits for years to come.

Sustainability measures.

We make it easy to quickly identify the sustainability credentials of a project by awarding a ‘leaf’ where the development exceeds the requirements of the program.
EnviroDevelopment certification has six ‘leaves’ that a project can achieve: Ecosystems, Waste, Energy, Materials, Water, and Community.

What we ask developers to do.


Every project certified under EnviroDevelopment goes through a rigorous application and assessment process. Our commitment to stringent assessment gives you confidence that when you see our logo, you know it’s a truly sustainable development.


Living in an EnviroDevelopment.

Whether you are buying a home or looking for business premises, EnviroDevelopment certification delivers benefits for you. Key benefits:
  • Save money on water and energy costs
  • Reduce your environmental footprint
  • All the key ingredients to help you live a healthy and active life right at your doorstep.

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