Iconic tree a priority in small coastal community.

Edgewater Shores together with MidCoast Council ensures iconic Moreton Bay fig tree is kept as part of the Diamond Beach community.

Prior to finalising the residential developments approvals, Edgewater Shores sought community feedback and received an overwhelming response from the local community groups. The message was clear: the community wanted the tree kept as public space. One of the strongest statements came from the students of the adjacent primary school, Hallidays Point Public School. The entire primary school stood strong in front of the tree to demonstrate how important it is to keep the tree available for them and the local community to enjoy.

Mel Orchard, P&C President of Hallidays Point Public School and long-time resident of Diamond Beach said when they thought the beautiful Moreton Bay fig tree would be lost from the community they started sending emails, attending meetings, and creating Facebook pages to gain community support.

“With the Principal’s backing, we brought the entire school outside to stand in front of the tree,” Ms Orchard said.

“We are delighted that the tree and surrounding park will remain in the hands of the community.”

Very early on, and prior to the final approval of the project, Edgewater Shores had received feedback from the community about the significance of the fig tree.

Sam Coco, Development Director for Edgewater Shores said that, on the original approved plan the fig tree was contained within someone’s backyard.

“After hearing how much the tree meant to the community, we removed the entire block from being sold”.

“We commenced early discussion with MidCoast Council and were positive we could find a way to transfer the land and the tree back to the community,” Mr Coco said.

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